We can supply Sugar From Brazil and India. All grades of Sugar White, Brown, Raw whatever is your need we can supply at competitive price.

Your source for all Edible Oils. We work directly with suppliers in Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Asia, USA and Canada. All types, Canola, Sunflower, Olive, Soybean or Corn Oil.

Medstar has supplies of all types  of Grains. Wheat, Corn, Soya, Rice. Direct from Canada, USA, Brazil or India. We have GMO/NONGMO for Human consumption or Animal Feed.


We have an extensive network of Metals suppliers across the Globe. USA, Australia, Mexico and Asia If you need Steel, Copper, Aluminum any grade including Scrap metal or Used Rails.  

Medstar  act as the mandate in the sales of petroleum products to international customers. 


Heavy or Light Crude Oil Diesels EN590 10pp Gasoline, Gasoil, A1 Jet Fuel